Unleash the Power of DiSC®!

For over 40 years practitioners around the world have used the DiSC model to enhance workplace relationships. Based on the work of William Marston in the early 1920’s, the DiSC model helps people understand the hidden reasons behind their behaviors and the behaviors of those around them. The mysteries of motivation are unraveled, trust is built and relationships move from acceptance of differences to valuing those differences. A deep understanding of the model and its variety of applications will enable you to take the DiSC profile well beyond a single event and install the DiSC language in your organization. Our certification process will give you the confidence and competence you will need to unleash the power of the DiSC model!

While there is no requirement for certification to work with any of the DiSCProfiles, or Everything DiSCtools, our clients find that our certification process helps them take DiSC from an event that is introduced and forgotten to a language that can be installed in their organizations and applied in multiple applications: team development, management development, sales development, customer service, conflict resolution, coaching, counseling and more. Participants are also more sophisticated today. They often ask probing questions about the DiSC model and want to know how to apply this knowledge back on the job. Certification takes you deeper into your understanding of DiSC as a theory and how the assessment is designed. You will also have an opportunity to work with other facilitators as you critique each other’s plan for implementation, and, you will be connected to hundreds of online resources and a network of peers to support your continued development as a DiSC Genius. Let us help you Unleash the Power of DiSC and strengthen your DiSC IQ.
Certification with The TEAM Approach – become certified through practitioners who have used the DiSC model in a wide variety of applications over 30 years. We are licensed to deliver Wiley’s certification, and we provide an enhanced set of materials that includes a DiSC Library and our facilitation tips and enhancements for working with teams, “one-offs” and more. Come to Lancaster PA and spend two days with us in an intimate setting. Class size is limited to 12 so we can get to know you and meet your unique needs. Can’t travel to Lancaster Pennsylvania? We can conduct within your organization anywhere in the world (pricing to be determined based on logistics). Additional Certifications – as an authorized partner we can register you for the publisher’s online or in-person class (Minneapolis MN). After the class we will be your “go-to” spot for on-going support.
All DiSC Certification options use the latest researched version of the DiSC model of behavior – Everything DiSCpublished by John Wiley & Sons. With adaptive testing, enhanced personalization and back to the job application tools, Everything DiSCdelivers the most powerful assessment on the market today. With our enhanced DiSC Genius option, you will leave the class ready to address your specific application armed with suggestions and tools from over 30 years of practitioner experience. Here are just a few ways we support our clients: Access to our monthly EPIC 101 virtual sessions (or on-demand).
Access to our on-demand Train-the-Trainer library with our tips and enhancements for:
  • Everything DiSC Workplace (both versions)
  • Everything DiSC Management
  • Everything DiSC Productive Conflict
  • Everything DiSCWork of Leaders
  • Everything DiSC Sales
Access to a resource site loaded with hundreds of tools, posters we’ve created, activities, podcasts and more. Access to a discussion board to share tips, challenges, ideas and more with other DiSC Genius graduates.
As a licensed partner of Wiley Workforce Solutions, the publisher of Everything DiSC®, our process now offers a two part certification: the Wiley Everything DiSC Workplace Certification and an optional DISC Genius badge signifying completion of an Everything DiSC Workplace practicum. The DISC Genius badge indicates successful application of the knowledge acquired in the Wiley training center and the two day classroom experience. After leaving the class, you will demonstrate knowledge of the profile delivery system (Epic), record application of a DiSC Comparison Report to enhance a workplace relationship and, more importantly, get feedback from participants of a DiSC workshop demonstrating the facilitation skills and knowledge you have learned. The TEAM Approachoffers a truly comprehensive DiSC Certification Process facilitated by recognized leaders in the delivery of Everything DiSCapplications. The Everything DiSC Workplace Report as well as the complete library of Wiley reports are featured in this program. Class size is limited to eight students for maximum learning and participation.
We encourage those who are interested in attending DiSC Certification try to sign-up at least 30 days before the class begins. Please use the below drop-down menu to view what classes are offered.
Certification with The TEAM Approach – Lancaster, PA: $2,795
  • Includes a DiSC Workplace Kit
  • Purchade additional seats for $1,995
  • Purchase additional kits for $1,195 $836.50(30% discount!)
Refresher Course: $995/person We offer a refresher course for previous DISC Genius graduates who want to refresh their DiSC knowledge. Participants who have already Have you previously attended Certification? We offer a refresher course for previous DISC Genius graduates who want to refresh their DiSC knowledge. Participants who have already attended a DiSC Genius class can attend any future session for a reduced rate and can also purchase additional kits for 30% off of the retail price. Onsite Certification: Bring DiSC Certification to your organization! Call 717.672.0425 for a quote. Pricing based on logistics. Additional Certifications Minneapolis, MN: $3,295
  • Includes a DiSC Workplace Kit
  • Purchase additional seat for $2,200
Online: $3,295
  • Includes a DiSC Workplace Kit
  • Purchase additional seat for $2,200
DISC Genius Certification is conducted by The TEAM Approach in Lancaster, PA. DISC Genius Certification
The TEAM Approach, Inc. | 2174 Old Philadelphia Pike | Lancaster, PA 17602 | 717-672-0817 Dates and Register You can find directions, airport, and lodging information here. Please click the link to register to view our upcoming classes, and be sure to register well in advance as courses fill up quickly! In addition to our Lancaster training, we can register you for an Everything DiSCWorkplace certification conducted by the publishers own team of trainers: In-Person Training (Minneapolis, MN)
Wiley Education Center | 400 Highway 169 South, Suite 301 | Minneapolis, MN 55426
Online Training
This is a four week blended course with live sessions conducted by Wiley facilitators.
Each of our DiSC Certification options will provide you with the credential of Everything DiSC Workplace Certified Facilitator from Wiley. Our process begins with a number of pre-class assignments followed by two days of classroom instruction, a few self-study activities, and finally, an optional practicum which includes a 360 feedback evaluation. Perhaps most importantly – ongoing reinforcement and support.
A key theme throughout the process is the implementation of a proper philosophy on the use of the DISC Model of Behavior – or any other behavioral instrument for that matter.
In order to maximize our time together in the classroom, we require you do the following before coming to class:
  1. Profile someone using the DiSC Classic Profile, interview this person, and record the results on an interview sheet sent in your pre-work packet
  2. Read the book, The Great Connection
  3. Complete the Everything DiSC Workplace online training program
  4. Complete an online DiSC leadership assessment to be discussed in class
  5. Complete the Everything DiSC Workplace report and set up your personal DiSC portal, MyEverythingDiSC
  6. Complete a demo assessment of The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
All required materials will be sent via U.S. Postal Service mail and email approximately two to four weeks prior to the class. Classroom Day 1 The focus of Day One is to enhance your understanding of the DiSC Model of Behavior and get you set for your application of DiSC back in your workplace.Careful attention to detail and clean, well structured code ensures a smooth user experience for all your visitors.
  • Facilitating DiSC
  • Facilitated Activities
  • Understanding the Assessment and Adaptive Testing
  • Supplement for Facilitators Report & Activity
  • DiSC Theory & Research: Myths & Truths
  • Answering Tough Client Questions
  • Everything DiSC Support Reports
  • Exploring Your DiSC Style as a Facilitator
  • Facilitating Conversations with DiSC
Classroom Day 2 The focus of Day Two is your application and creating a team approach culture with DiSC.
  • Coaching with the Profile
  • Comparison Reports
  • MyEverythingDiSC
  • Customization of Your Facilitation Kit
  • Creating a Needs Assessment
  • Creating a Culture of DiSC & Activities
  • Keeping DiSC Alive Action Plan
  • Creating a Workshop Evaluation
At the end of the classroom portion of the training you will have access to an online examination. A score of 80% or better will earn you the Wiley Everything DiSC Workplace Certification. To add the DISC Genius badge, complete the Practicum.
  • Explore DiSC Profile, history and theory
  • Experience a number of activities based on your Everything DiSC Workplace Report
  • Learn how to apply a variety of exercises to your DiSC training programs
  • Review the concepts of role-based behavior
  • Review the variety of tools available to apply the DiSC model in your organization
  • Discuss and plan your personal application of the DISC model in your organization
You will receive a variety of tools you can use as you plan your approach to introducing DiSC in your organization:
  • A small library of books to enhance your understanding of DiSC applications
  • The Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit
  • Your personal Epic account for delivering online access codes to your participants
  • Dozens of activities, enhancements and exercises created by The TEAM Approach
  • The DiSC Genius Flash Drive containing PowerPoint files, videos, podcasts, DiSC author interviews, research, and more.

Fun, interactive and engaging

The DiSC certification with Team Approach was a fun, interactive and engaging learning experience that helped to prepare me to facilitate and education others about DiSC philosophy at my company, as well as, utilize the reports available through the EPIC system.

Laura Crocker


Exceeded my expectations!

This program exceeded my expectations! For me it was a perfect blend of knowledge transfer, train the trainer, and understanding best practices. I walked away better understanding the value of DiSC, practical ways to apply what I learned, and a plan for how I can continue to build my knowledge. In addition, I was able to connect with people from other companies to build a network of support and ideas. Overall, a very valuable experience!

Jeff Fetterman


Course was amazing…

This course was an amazing, all encompassing training on DiSC Certification and how to facilitate it. Susan and Rick are incredibly knowledgeable, and provide everything you’ll need to facilitate a DiSC Workshop, integrate DiSC into your organization, and are incredibly available to support you with anything else that might come up. The quality of their material is far better than other DiSC experiences, and the enhancements they provide to supplement the Wiley material are an essential part of this experience. After taking this course, I felt 100% confident in facilitating my own DiSC Workshop, and using DiSC as a tool in my organization. Thank you The Team Approach!

Clara Buenzow


Enjoyed my training…

The course content is valuable across every aspect of life – business, home, social, etc… And, the facilitators present the information in an easily digestible format, with plenty of experiential learning opportunity. The training setting was comfortable, and the hosts accommodating. I thoroughly enjoyed my training with The TEAM Approach, and would highly recommend them!

Teddie Gwynn