Our Team


I remember the first time someone told me that I was kind of intense. I immediately said: “REALLY?” I was new to DiSC and got this feedback as I was questioning the results of my profile. I took some time to realize (and accept) that I came across this way, particularly to folks who live in the southern part of the map. This provided significant insight which I have been able to capitalize on and help connect with others better.


My first experience with DiSC validated the two unique parts of my personality. I have worked on the financial side of business throughout my entire career. I came out of retirement to join The TEAM Approach as their bookkeeper in 2011, having previously working at the CFO for a multi national corporation. So, seeing the “C” part of my personality came as no surprise. I love financial mysteries and will drill down to solve them and love the satisfaction of a set of balanced books!


Soon after I started working my first ‘real’ job post college, I was on the phone with my parents, Rick and Susan, talking about some of my frustrations with my professional colleagues. I didn’t feel fully supported in the fast paced environment, and I expressed this over the phone with my parents. It was around that time that the MyEverythingDiSC.com site was released from beta testing, and my parents encouraged me to take an assessment and browse the site to try and understand why I was feeling what I felt. After looking back, I think my parents saw a good opportunity to not only help me understand my frustrations, but also test the new product on their son!

All joking aside, the profile was eye opening into understanding myself, and understanding why others behave the way they behave. I am continually impressed with how such a simple model can really push the limits on how we are able to communicate with each other. To echo others in my family, this is truly an influential tool and a valuable instrument that I hope more organizations incorporate into their culture.



I have a tendency to ask a lot of questions. It drives some people close to me a little crazy. My “CS” style explains a lot of why I do this and helps me understand why some folks need me to tone it down a bit from time to time. So, the “C” asks a lot of questions but, fortunately, the “S” wants to support others and so I find myself working hard to accommodate those who are behaviorally different while still feeling good about the attention to quality I bring to the team.


Through my years serving in various roles—both on and off the platform—my DiSC style has remained in both the S and C dimensions. Before I “retired” from platform presenting, my primary strength fell primarily in the S domain (SC). I would accommodate my training audiences to which I exhibited patience and created harmonious environments. In my current role, I’ve flipped to a CS style because my work is to support my team with accurate and complete data often requiring attention to detail in searching and reporting correct information.


I am told that my first introduction to DiSC was while taking the discontinued child’s profile around the age of four. Growing up, it was impossible to avoid knowing the language of DiSC as my parents would inevitably refer to a friend I brought home as “Having a lot of ‘i’ in her style.”

In 2015 I took my first Everything DiSC Workplace profile while working as a purchasing assistant. It was then that I really started to understand the power of DiSC and how it could help me connect with my team. Suddenly, it made sense why my team leader who had a strong D style never responded to my long emails stuffed with as many details as possible, or why my friend with a strongly inclined i style never failed to stop by my desk on a Monday morning to discuss everything that happened over the weekend.

DiSC has been influential to me through every stage of my life, and I’m excited to now be a part of our family team and to help bring the power of DiSC to more people and organizations.